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Telephone Training That Gets RESULTS

from Audrey Bodman and Outshine

6 reasons why phone prospecting isn’t working for you

If you're like most people working in sales, you start by picking up the phone, spending hours cold calling businesses. You quickly learn that clear communication and understanding is one of the first steps to showing the decision maker how you can help. Building a rapport with the customer will help you get more out of their time and offer you a higher conversion rate if what you say is interesting and compelling. As a specialist employer engagement trainer, we can help individuals alike gain sales experience and improve their skills.

Download my free report and discover some tried and tested strategies that work from a specialist sales and employer engagement trainer.

Telephone Training Specialists in Customer Service, B2B Telesales, Employer Engagement and Inside sales

Our comprehensive Telephone, Telesales and Cold Calling Training covers a range of professional and effective telephone techniques  and correct call handling approaches, with an emphasis on building relationships and creating opportunities. 

Telephone Skills & B2B Telesales Online Training

Learn how to build confidence during your calls.

Unlock professional customer service skills to gain leverage over phone conversations to optimise your cold calling process, boost your B2B sales and harness your natural communication, creative thinking skills, and personality whilst on the phone. Outshine UK delivers online telesales training services that unlock your team’s natural potential and creates long-lasting results…

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Employer Engagement 2

Employer Engagement Training

This is a training workshop designed for all organisations whose success relies upon the effective engagement and involvement of employers, we aim for our participants to be able to articulate the business case for employing a diverse workforce, understand the models of equal opportunity and diversity management and know the role of reasonable adjustments that employers can make the recruit a diverse workforce. In the Welfare to Work UK program, Social Care and Skills sector, the telephone plays a major part in building relationships…

Course Outlines

Telephone etiquette is about presenting yourself with the kind of polish that shows you and your organisation can be taken seriously. A competent person on the other end of the telephone gives the customer confidence and conviction that the person speaking is knowledgeable enough for the customers to build a successful partnership with and that their problem or situation will be solves Mastery of the telephone etiquette process is vital to success when it comes to cold calling, B2B telesales and customer service sales roles.

Each of our online telephone training courses has been designed to allow participants to build personal confidence, understand prospects and learn how to develop long term customer and B2B relationships with flexibility in mind. Here’s an outline of what we offer…

Telephone Training Articles Outshine blog
Telesales training from Outshine UK

Why Us

Choosing the right telephone training company can start with a simple Google search, but when it comes to upskilling your staff and redefining your telephone training strategy you need to be sure everyone, including your training provider is on the same wavelength.

The customers who choose us enjoy their learning experience. You might be an individual seeking personal progression and development or an organisation seeking help pushing your staff’s confidence levels in regards to B2B telesales, employer engagement, customer service calls or cold calling. We have the expertise, resources, and flexibility to deliver a professional service. We pride ourselves on our learners’ success. 

What our customers say….

  • Audrey delivered a fantastic tailored telephone training programme for the business engagement team in Employability at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Audrey’s enthusiasm and engaging approach ensured that key new behaviours have been embraced by the team and our sales performance have significantly improved! I would highly recommend Audrey.

    Rachel Heyes

    Nottingham Trent University – Head of Employer Engagement and Placements
  • Huge thanks to Audrey Bodman for our telephone employer engagement training this morning. Absolutely glowing reports from all of the team who attended, some great skills learnt (and re-learnt) in preparation for our employer engagement ‘day’ on Wednesday and a real buzz in the air, which is fantastic for a Monday!! We are committed to providing real and much needed support to employers across Northamptonshire and are so grateful for Audrey Bodman, her support and expertise to ensure we can make that happen.

    Julia Green

    Employment and Disability Service Manager [Northampton County Council]
  • I was introduced to Audrey by a member of staff who had attended a training course with her in a previous role. Audrey was a delight to deal with from the word go and was prepared to do detailed research prior her professional proposal on how she could help our employees. The course itself went down very well and was an eye opener for our people. Improvements back at the work place were immediate and are now the norm.

    Calm, charming, polite and very professional – highly recommended.

    Neil Osmond

    Chief Operating Officer – DRYROBE Ltd
  • “Audrey has just completed some excellent telesales training for me.

    As we are a small business, Investing in training of the calibre delivered by Audrey was a big decision.

    Audrey came highly recommended and has exceeded my expectations. Her manner allows her to build quick and effective relationships with delegates. She is action orientated and also provided me with constructive feedback on leadership style.

    Finally , Audrey has committed to further actions to sustain our training initiative, which has generated added value when compared to similar training businesses”

    Peter Julian

    Co-owner Bon Bon Foods
  • Our Commercial Director introduced us to Audrey having worked with her at his previous company as a recommendation. As a National Sales Team at HTBS between us we have a wealth of product knowledge & experience within the construction industry but lacked structure to our sales techniques.

    Audrey was able to communicate & encourage the team to step out of their comfort zone in such a positive manner, whilst providing them with the confidence & enthusiasm they needed to succeed.

    As a result, we now have a confident team that are buzzing with excitement & eager to proceed with creating sales opportunities daily.

    I would definitely use Audrey again & have also recommended her services to up-skill the sales executives within the company ….. Practise makes progress!

    Fiona Wainwright

    Business Development Manager – Howarth Timber & Building Supplies Ltd
  • “Audrey supported Ashton Pioneer Homes in the development and delivery of a key staff conference on Customer Service Excellence. She delivered the event in an excellent manner, exhibiting a high level of awareness of the subject and of effective audience engagement to provide the outcomes we were seeking across a wide cross section of APH staff. The feedback from our staff after the event was very positive.

    We look forward to working with Audrey on developing other elements of our business and staff development.”

    Tony Berry

    CEO – Ashton Pioneer Homes
  • “Audrey was a breath of fresh air.

    We needed to re-energise and re-train specific staff to enhance their telephone capabilities. Audrey delivered a tailored one to one training that not only developed skills but instilled confidence.

    Our staff now have core skills that they can call on to apply to specific situations in order to maximise our sales.

    Audrey was professional, enthusiastic and focussed. Great to work with.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Outshine and Audrey to anyone looking to develop their telephone skills”

    Sam Riedy

    Marketing Manager, Protolan
  • Finally! After many years of average “OK” training I find a person that really does know how to engage, excite and motivate Eden Tyres & Servicing staff for the good of the company & the customers. Inviting Audrey Bodman into your business is what I call a WIN WIN WIN decision!

    Jim Nichols

    Retail Operations Manager - Eden Tyres
  • Audrey is an inspirational trainer with enthusiasm, energy and passion that are infectious. I worked with her to motivate and reenergise a sales team’s lead generation activity and already just a couple of weeks after the end of the last group training session, the team have more than doubled the number of meetings booked.

    Karen Shaw

    Business Change & Delivery Consultant – Client name: Health IQ
  • I head up a Sales and Customer Service department. In February 2020 Audrey delivered a superb bespoke Sales training course for my team members. However, within weeks we went into lockdown and my team went on furlough for three months. This prevented them to put into practise what they learnt. I approached Audrey to deliver a refresher course for them all, which was delivered last week. Once again this went exceptionally well and proved they ultimately needed this. Audrey was outstanding through the Zoom delivery, where my team recieved their training. I highly recommend Audrey’s professionalism and her personal manner when delivering training, which allows the team to learn comfortably in a controlled environment. Thank you once again Audrey for all your support and training.

    Marilena Thompson

    Head of Sales & Implementation [Tri Star Packaging]
  • Audrey delivered a fantastic tailored telephone training programme for the business engagement team in Employability at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Audrey’s enthusiasm and engaging approach ensured that key new behaviours have been embraced by the team and our sales performance have significantly improved! I would highly recommend Audrey.

    Howard Warbuton

    – Sales and Service Manager – PWS Distributors Ltd
  • Audrey has recently undertaken some fantastic employer engagement training at city of Bristol College.
    Audrey came highly recommend from the Western Training Providers Network and lived up to her reputation.
    Our work based learning assessors were taught the soft skill and techniques to allow them to engage employers and improve outputs.
    We will be continuing to work with Audrey and I would recommend her to any college

    Simon Arnold

    Managing Director – Partners in Bristol
  • Having worked in Social Care my whole adult life, cold calling was as far out of my comfort zone as I could get. The Employer Engagement Academy has taught me that it’s simply a case of using the right communication strategies rather than having a particular personality or a background in sales.

    Without the 1:1 coaching I would have fallen at the first hurdle. Audrey kept me focused on my goals and always noticed what I did right when all I could see was my mistakes.

    I now have the confidence to pick up the phone and get through to the right person. My list of contacts has grown and it’s starting to pay off.

    Ingrid Scammell

    Employment Advisor – Solent Mind
  • Audrey has been providing Shaw Trust Sales Training for many years and I’ve personally got to know Audrey during this time. She provides both face to face and telephone sales sessions as well as one to one individual support with action plans for those who are really struggling. Trust me I’ve witnessed miracles happen!

    At Shaw Trust we have a number of contracts we deliver across the UK and subject to the contract Audrey amends course content and approach to meet the needs of the contract and the audience.

    This is highly important to us that any trainer we commission fully understands our business and our objectives. Finally, the weekly employer engagement tips which are extremely useful and helps the team focus. Thank you, Audrey.

    Jenny La Rocque

    National Employer Manager – Shaw Trust
  • I attended a training session with Audrey a number of years ago and got back in touch for a refresher in light of the changing market environment with COVID. Audrey provided so great tips for getting peoples’ attention as well as reminders of the key structural elements of a phone call (including a strong close!) and I’d have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wishes to improve their technique on the phone.

    Oliver Cooper

    Head of Sales UK and Europe – Fullerton Fund Management
  • What a pleasure it is to write a recommendation for Audrey. I heard about one of Audrey’s webinars on Employer Engagement from one of my colleagues who is an Employment Specialist, and I just knew I had to sign up for the next one. I learnt more from Audrey Bodman in a 30 minute online seminar than I have doing a full day’s training on IPS. Employer Engagement is one of the most challenging parts of my role, but Audrey’s seminars, YouTube videos and Monday Top Tips, even in the face of COVID-19, are some of the most valuable resources out there.

    Rasna Begum

    Womens Employment Worker
  • I’ve twice now been on Audrey’s training sessions and both times I’ve come away feeling motivated and full of confidence. Audrey has amazing knowledge and experience which is apparent in her delivery. She has the ability to inspire confidence in teams and provides them with the tools and knowledge to leave her session and make big changes. Amazing training, friendly personality, professional delivery. cant recommend Audrey enough.

    Alistair Campbell

    Support Manager – Employment and Disability Service
  • The feedback I got from the team was extremely positive. Their attitudes had completely changed and the productivity went through the roof. Their confidence, attitude and general presence was amazing and it wouldn’t have happened without Audrey.

    There are many trainers in the market who appear to do similar to what Audrey does – I know having researched this. She’s different. She knows the H.E industry well and compared to other sales trainers, she personally makes cold calls and it shows. Audrey definitely practices what she preaches and is fabulous at it! She does it with such ease and is a natural trainer.

    Without doubt I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to see an immediate return on investment. Thank you Audrey, hoping our paths cross again.

    Ola Trebski

    Head of Recruitment Services – University of London
  • Audrey was recommended to me by my sales director who had seen Audreys work on Linked In. Audrey was a delight to work with, she brought lots of energy and knew exactly how to get the best out of my team. The training was done in a really enthusiastic and postive way that engaged and encouraged the team and gave them the confidence they needed to succeed.

    All of the team found the training extremely useful and relevant and really enjoyed taking part in the course and I’m already seeing the immediate improvements in the workplace! I would highly recommend Audrey and will be recommending her services to be used in other areas of our business

    Helen Southern

    Former Sales Office Manager – W Howard
  • I was fortunate to find Audrey via an internet search. We were seeking one to one telephone training for a new employee. Audrey’s approach was knowledgeable, thorough, informative and supportive whilst also challenging.

    Feedback was very punctual along with an honest appraisal of progress.

    Would recommend without hesitation

    Jody Shaw

    Area Sales Manager UK & Ireland – Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health

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