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6 Painless Telesales Techniques That Really Work

employer engagement training telepone training outshine ukIt’s true! Telesales, done the right way, can bring in lots of business. It can also be totally painless, and even fun.

Read on to discover 6 painless telesales techniques that really work.

Telesales is effective because it lets you make sales through human conversation. But, because you’re on the phone, you can contact way more prospects in a given time than you could by meeting them face-to-face. It’s pretty cost-friendly compared to other sales and marketing techniques.   

So why are so many people put off using telesales? First of all, it gets associated with quick-fix cold calling, which I agree is ineffective and a waste of time.  Secondly, I often meet business people who are reluctant to use telesales as they’ve made a small number of calls and experienced rejection, or they have the wrong perception of ‘prospecting’, OR, they’re afraid to pick up the phone, full stop. BUT there are ways to make telesales work for just about any business.

You must value quality over Quantity

When you use the phone to help you start a relationship and you see it as an opportunity to warm prospects up in order to build a worthwhile pipeline, then it’s a great tool to assist with increasing sales. Remember, it’s not the only tool. Mixed with mailshots, social media, and other tactics, the results from telesales can be awesome!

To make telesales work you have to focus on having quality conversations, not on a quantity of conversations. You also have to make building relationships your priority.

How it Worked for Me

I gained one of my best ever clients through telesales. It took me 13 calls (including “away on holiday”, “out of office”, and “not interested now call back in a couple of months” type calls), and around 5 mailshots, over an 18-month period. Those calls resulted in over £15,000 worth of business, just initially. The lifetime result was truly worth the time and effort – this client has now been with me for 12 years. Yet many sales people give up after 3-4 calls.

Below are some of the strategies that I’ve used to stay motivated and focused while calling prospects.

6 Painless Telesales Techniques that Really Work

1.       Got a prospect who hasn’t got a requirement now, but hasn’t said NO? Develop the relationship by asking other questions that could help you in the future when they are in the market to do business.

2.      Make sure you are speaking to the right person FIRST TIME.

3.      Build trust and credibility by following up when you say you will. Too many salespeople fail to follow up in a timely fashion. This is a great opportunity to prove to the decision-maker that building a relationship is your first objective, followed by doing business with them.

4.      Use a CRM system to record and track activity and relationships. Buddy CRM and Salesforce are great for sales people.

5.      Develop some great open-ended questions prior to making the call, to get your prospect talking.

6.      Focus on having effective conversations instead of 100s of dial spins. You will ultimately find the ideal company to do business with.

Personal Branding is sales, its not who you know, it’s who knows you!” – Jeff Gitomer

Author: Audrey Bodman, Telephone Training Specialist

Email:     Phone: 0800 849 3242 or 0785 5213591