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Do your customers like, know and trust YOU?

Like, know and trust – how often do you hear that phrase? I hear it alot.

This like, know and trust, shows up in so many different ways.

When you relate this to customers they either like you or they don’t and of course they may know you – but do they trust you?

I’d agree trust takes time to gain and normally shows itself after you’ve consistently met their expectations and continued to be honest, sprinkled with oodles of integrity. AND got to know them.

Most customers do follow those they like and trust, that’s where loyalty is born.

I’ve seen customers stop doing business with a company because their ‘trusted’ contact has gone else where – normally to a competitor.

I’ve gained 3 large clients in 24 months, all referred to me by ONE contact who I delivered some training for and still do. I doubt I would have secured this work without knowing my contact. Both directors in the other companies play golf with him. They have done for years.

So although they might not have initially liked, known or trusted me, they 100% trusted the judgement of my contact.

All this of course was based on ‘relationships formed over time.’ Which is why treating customers and prospects as single transactions instead of aiming to form long term relationships is a BIG mistake.

Audrey Bodman