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Is it time to STOP Cold Calling?

dead-end-sign-cul-de-sac-hopeless-163728Contrary to the rumours that cold calling is on its way out, when approached in the right way, it remains a viable source of leads for many organisations, charities and welfare to work initiatives.

But times are changing.

What is on its way out is the old fashioned approach of being given a list and expecting staff to make endless calls with no strategy in place and no evaluation of current practices.

The bad PR cold calling receives is usually due to people getting hung up about the term ‘cold calling’ and preconceived ideas of high pressure sales people ringing them up and not taking no for an answer. As a result when most people receive a cold call, their first objective is to get themselves off the phone.

Is it time to stop cold calling? Absolutely not, but I believe the term ‘cold calling’ should be renamed ‘new calls’ or ‘first calls’. My take on it is that with the right research, no first call should ever feel like a ‘cold call’. Coupled with the other forms of marketing like social media – especially LinkedIn – the old fashioned cold call should never be experienced again. Instead, first calls should be about attempting to start a new relationship.

Try these four cold calling tips to avoid making your calls sound like ‘COLD CALLS’

1. Take some time to find out the right name of the person you ideally want to speak to. You can usually do this by searching LinkedIn for the company, simply ringing up and asking for the right person’s name or – dependant on size – simply go on the company website to see if they have any news articles, or and ‘About the team’ page. You’ll be amazed at what you can find out with relatively little digging.

2. If you choose NOT to make any cold calls and depend solely on connecting via LinkedIn or social media, think very carefully about how soon after you connect to make a call. Connecting with someone and ringing them up within one day, smacks of desperation. Take some time to read their posts and get to know them in groups; people have to feel they know you slightly before they will consider doing business with you.

3. When you eventually get through to the right person, give some thought to how you plan to grab their attention. Have you mentioned how you know them or why you’ve selected them to contact? Within your opening have you creating some trust by mentioning that you’ve worked with similar companies (without bragging)? Have you highlighted quickly how they might benefit from staying on the phone just a little longer?

4. STOP ‘talking them to death’. Nothing sounds more like a cold call than someone who once they’ve got through to the right person fails to ‘engage’ and instead just reels off who they are, what they do, what products and services they sell and then tries and ‘close’ right there in the opening. BIG MISTAKE. To keep them interested, aim to ask your first question within the first 8 – 10 seconds.

If you’ve found this useful, why not download my FREE REPORT 5 ways to get GREAT results by phone by visiting my website I’m confident just ONE of the strategies in the report will make a big difference to your approach right now.